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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1691

Synopsis When His Eyes Opened:

Before Sofia left, she gave Hayden, Layla and Robert New Year’s money respectively.
“Avery, I need to inform you something.” Shea took Avery’s arm and walked apart, “Valentine’s Day will be in a few days. I need to get a certificates with Wesley that day.”
Avery: “Your brother…”
“I don’t want to tell him, because he might not agree.” Shea leaned into her ear and stated her thoughts, “I need to get the certificates after which inform him. “
Avery: “Aren’t you afraid that he’ll get angry?”
Shea: “Afraid. But I actually need to marry Wesley.”
Avery looed on the sincere mild in Shea’s eyes and nodded: “I assist you. If Elliot gets angry then, I will persuade him.”
“Thank you Avery.” Shea hugged Avery luckily.
Not a long way away, after Elliot watched Sofia leave, he became round and saw the 2 of them hugging each other. He was approximately to head over and ask them what they were speakme about when the phone rang.

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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1691

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Authors: Simple Silence
Genres: Romance
Views: 51.5M
Title: When His Eyes Opened
Status: Ongoing

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