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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1708

Synopsis When His Eyes Opened:

Elliot got up very early today and was very sleepy now. He walked to the kitchen and said to Avery, “Avery, I’ll go back to the room to wash first.”

“Okay! Go!” Avery was holding a bowl, and in the bowl was a steaming dumpling, in the sweltering heat Under the steam, her eyes gleamed faintly.

After Elliot returned to the room, Avery and Adrian filled dumplings and went to the living room to eat while watching TV.

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20 minutes later, the two finished eating dumplings.

Avery took the bowl into the dishwasher and came out of the kitchen.

Avery: “Adrian, go back to your room to sleep. I’m going to bed too. It’s very late now.”

Adrian scratched his head: “I want to wait for the New Year’s Eve.”

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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1708

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Read When His Eyes Opened Novel Chapter 1708

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Title: When His Eyes Opened
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