The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 4936

After considering this, he stated with a pink face: “Mr. Wade, you are right… Really a success humans virtually shouldn’t get too close to the amusement industry…”
charlie smiled barely and said, “I almost forgot that Mr. Liu had a variety of

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The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 4936

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The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 4936

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Synopsis The Amazing Son In Law – Charlie Wade (Xperimentalhamid):

interactions with the enjoyment industry lower back then. I just stated my personal opinion, Mr. Liu doesn’t ought to take it to heart.”
Liu Jiahui smiled awkwardly, and quickly modified the difficulty: “Mr. Wade, allow’s speak about cooperation!”
charlie checked out te time and said with a grin, “It’s almost noon, why don’t we talk after lunch, what do you suspect?”
“No problem.” Liu Jiahui hurriedly said, “Then it’s now not too overdue to talk after lunch.”
charlie nodded, and the cellphone all of sudden acquired a call from Fei Kexin.

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